A meetup for women who want to write a book, have written a book, and/or those who want to make writing part of their career.

18 November 2020   12-1:30pm EST


Carla Guiterrez, Global Head of Communications, Exasol

About Carla: Carla was born in Paradise and grew up devouring books and swimming in the sea (read: pretending she was a mermaid). It's for that reason that her stories always include references to the ocean. She writes to help people dream and visit the places we all wish were real.

Carla will share her journey in writing her third fantasy novel, her experiences working with critique partners and beta readers (and finding them!), and some of the challenges and obstacles she’s currently facing and how she’s dealing with them. Carla will share her top 3 tips for anyone in a similar stage of the publishing journey.

Author Panel

The best things come in 3s:

an author trio tackles healthcare dataviz

Kathy Rowell, MS, MHA

About Kathy: Kathy Rowell is a nationally recognized health, healthcare, and data visualization expert, lecturer, and author specializing in helping leading organizations analyze, design, and present visual displays of data to inform decisions and stimulate effective action. She’s the co-author of Visualizing Health and Healthcare Data, the only data viz book written by and for health and healthcare professionals. As Co-founder of HealthDataViz (HDV) she’s led innovative projects for leading organizations such as the New York City Dept. of Health and the World Health Organization. A graduate of the Dartmouth Medical School, Kathy loves cruising the coast of Maine with her family on their boat “Visualize".

Cambria Brown, Senior Consultant, HealthDataViz

About Cambria: Cambria has over 10 years of experience analyzing and visualizing health data and is a Tableau Desktop Certified Professional. With a background in public health, survey design, advanced biostatistics and quality improvement, Cambria understands the full data use cycle and is passionate about helping organizations use data to improve health.

Lindsay Betzendahl, Consultant, HealthDataViz

About Lindsay: Lindsay is a Tableau Zen Master, a Tableau Public Ambassador, the founder of #ProjectHealthViz, and is a Tableau Desktop Certified Associate. She has over 15 years of healthcare experience including direct clinical care as a licensed marriage and family therapist, health system quality improvement, and analytic innovation. Lindsay has spent the past 7 years creating dashboards that people love to use. When not creating visualizations for healthcare, she stretches her skills through creative visual designs.